About us

Baltnautic Shipping Ltd owes its success to consistent dedication to social responsibility and loyalty. By putting their business in the hands of our team, our clients/customers are safe in the knowledge that they are working with a select group of professionals with the highest levels of expertise and experience.

Most of our employees graduated from St. Petersburg State Maritime Academy, which means our team meets the highest Maritime Industry standards. Our constantly growing fleet of 30 sea-river type vessels serves a multitude of European industrial regions. We specialize in providing ship-owning, chartering, agency and crewing solutions.

We pride ourselves on our reputation for reliability, and the nurturing company culture that we have created for our employees/crew/team. At Baltnautic, we combine depth of expertise with a dedication to creating/forging long lasting relationships. Company values and flexible solutions is what makes Baltnautic Shipping Ltd the industry’s standard-bearer.

The company’s commitment to our team is paramount to our success.


For Baltnautic Shipping Ltd hiring the best professionals must go hand-in-hand with creating a tight-knit team. We believe that taking care of our employees is as important as taking care of clients. From the beginning, we aimed at more than simply hiring staff – we strive to build an ecosystem within the company where each employee is appreciated and rewarded for their dedication.